An inheritance Service

Tool I used :
Sketch for the UI and Principle for the protoype.

This is a project that I have made for my Bachelor degree, I decided to work on a subject that brings many questions : death and digital, and how to deal with the inheritance with this new area of products and usage. So after lots of reflection on which is the best way to produce an ethic and responsible legacy, thinking on how will work a service that users will not often use and probably without maintaining it.

Here is my idea, Legacy is a service that allows any user to collect their different services such as Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, etc. in the same place simply by connecting them to Legacy, after this the user can choose who will accede his content. When this is done a procedure is sent to a Notary, that will save it in the national notary registry. Nothing is saved until the death of the user. From this moment the notary will start the process. Legacy will automatically create a copy of the different services establish by the user before his death. Each data set is personal to each heir, they will receive from the notary by a 3D printed totem containing an encrypted key that will unlock each set of data.

This solution allow each user to create a personal legacy with the things they want to transmit without compromising their data security.