Husky Maker


App to customise an assistant robot and collect data during the process.


This project is a collaboration with e-Cobot a collaborative robot maker, in which we had the mission to think a way to present their latest robot the Husky. This robot is a robot follower to help workers in warehouses. The robot also has the ability to evolve autonomously while integrating different accessories.


Our solution quickly oriented to augmented reality to bring the robot into any presentation environment with ease. Concepts of personalization have also been incorporated, to allow the e-Cobot company to better understand the expectations of its potential customers. All data produced by potential customers each time a husky is created is sent to e-Cobot.

The customization of the husky is done in 3 stages. First of all, the configuration of the basic husky with a distribution of points between different categories, the autonomy, the speed of movement and the load of the robot, in order to force the prospect to prioritize his needs. Then the choice of the main module, according to the desired use. Finally, the customization of the colors of the robot. Also the prospect has the opportunity to test the robot with a joystick and can move it around.

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Diane Coumailleau

2019 – Made By Alexandre Deffenain