An object to make how AI works understandable.


During a 4 day seminary we had the goal to work on artificial intelligence and trying to make it understandable by the most. Between the many different topics on AI we decided to work on the “oracle”. Oracles are the persons in charge to guide AI knowledge during teaching period. They are responsible for how AI understand information.


We decided to create an object open to anyone and to show them the role of an oracle. To achieve that goal we've decided to take the form of a lamp and making it the most appealing look and feel to reassure users about artificial intelligence. We used rounded shape and warm materials such as leather, we used diffuse lights to give information to the users. Loopiote can also speak and use a camera to see it environment and people around it.

To teach the users how to teach something to Loopiote we set up two modes, learning and output. In learning mode Loopiote ask the users to show different persons to the integrated camera and to teach them if they are kind or not by pressing two different buttons, the feedback of the user choice is given with a ring of light. When it's done the user can switch modes by giving a friendly pat to Loopiote. And so Loopiote will tell based on new-acquired knowledge if the person it sees is kind or not.

We've choice to work on the rating of the kindness of people because it's a very subjective notion. In order to show that how AI see the world is different from how we see it.

Tools used for this project



I made this project with

Maxime Bellego

Claire Marboeuf

Simon Le Roux

2019 – Made By Alexandre Deffenain