An introduction to VR development through a workshop.


This project was a one week workshop to introduce us virtual reality development, we had as a main goal to reproduce an existing space of nine meters square with the more realism possible. The second goal was to create a loop between now days and a future in 100 years.


So we decided to work with the iconic yellow crane of our Nantes, and use the history of the place including the shipyard to our projected futur vision. The first step was to take some pictures of references in order to use them later. We’ve also used a 360° camera to capture the environment and also use it a reference.

We used a crank as our main object of interaction to activate the time loop. We’ve created all the other 3D element following the photos we’ve made and also used them in order to create different skyboxes and other 2D elements in the background.

The future we decided to show is a dystopian version of earth where pollution rises to levels forcing the humanity to quit the planet. We used the already existing ramps to launch the ship with a reference to the past when they were used to produce boat.

This project was presented at many professional exhibition such as “Les Utopia les” and the upcoming “Laval virtual.”

Tools used for this project



Leap Motion

HTC vive

I made this project with

Marc Bouchenoire

Matthis Seguin

2019 – Made By Alexandre Deffenain