An insurance service to promote good behaviours.


For this project made for Crédit Mutel Arkéa, we had to reimagine how the insurance will evolve from 2020 or further. The main objective for our partner was to create a data base from their clients, in order to reduce their risk and the eventual cost of a sinister. Our main focus was to work on the property of the clients of Crédit Mutel Arkéa and collect data from them.


We had as the main idea to promote the good comportment that reduces the risk, such as use of covered parking places for their vehicle, install extinguisher at clients' houses, etc. Each good action is rewarded by a reduction on their contract.

In exchange, to benefit the price reduction, the client allow his insurance to track data products regarding each object. Also we offer to the client the possibility to control his privacy, at any moment the users can disable the tracking of his possession and return to regular price. Some suggestion can be proposed by the insurance to match coming risks or new recommendations, the user can manage when he will receive this kind of notification. This functionality is here to give the most of control to the users on their private life.

This allows Crédit Mutuel Area to suggest different contracts for different possessions not covered yet, like for smaller objects like phones and computers. By simply assuring that the phone, computer or other goods are correctly protected, the price of the insurance can be adjusted considering that the risk has been reduced.

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Kévin Scotet

2019 – Made By Alexandre Deffenain