Improve your neighbohood thanks to a local currency.


For this project we had to help a local currency to promote its usage, it main use was on local stores by offering promotion on different products. Also the founder of the currency wanted to help the local area by giving back a part of their benefice. This project was made in three weeks.


To promote the currency we decide to go further on the giving back feature proposed by the funder . We wanted to create a way for the people to see the impact of their usage of it. To achieve it we’ve created a new system that allows anybody through an application to submit an idea of a project to be realised following people interest, by using the give back option.

Each project is submitted to the vote of all the users of the currency, they are classified by the neighbourhood. During voting time all the project is presented with a description, a projection of the require time to achieve it and how much it will cost to be produced. When a project is elected, it will receive money following the usage of the currency per neighbourhood.

Promoting the currency by creating a new app to improve the neighbourhood of the users according to their use of this local currency allowed us to create a virtuous brand image for the currency.

Tools used for this project




I made this project with

Chloé Bigorre

Raphël Duclos

2019 – Made By Alexandre Deffenain