An insurance App

A project made with :
Kévin Scotet, made for Crédit Mutel Arkéa.

Tool we used :
Sketch for the UI and Principle for the protoype.

For this project we had to reimagine how the insurance will evolve from 2020 or further. The main objective for our client, Crédit Mutel Arkéa, was to create a data base from their clients, in order to reduce their risk and the eventual cost of a sinister. We had as the main idea to promote the good comportment that reduces the risk, such as use parking places for their vehicle, install extinguisher at clients' houses, etc. Each good action is rewarded by a reduction on their contract. Also to let the client control his privacy, he can disable the tracking of his possession at any moment. This allows Crédit Mutuel Arkéa to suggest different contracts on different possession not covered yet for smaller objects like phones and computers.